Samsung Galaxy A80 – triple camera slider smartphone

July 05, 2019

The Galaxy A line in 2019 received an unexpectedly extensive continuation in the face of almost a dozen new smartphones with interesting features and pleasant prices. Especially surprising is the fact that for such a “simple” line of devices with affordable prices, Samsung found the strength and the ability to use technological innovations: just two models — the Galaxy A90 and Galaxy A80 — got a triple rotating camera in the slider mechanism. Galaxy A80 - Key Features ...

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Samsung Galaxy A60 – triple camera smartphone with a fully frameless display for affordable money.

June 06, 2019

To buy today an advanced smartphone for little money - a trifling matter nowadays. While last year purchase of balanced gadget in terms of price and performance was an acquisition of a device made exclusively in China, these are different time now. A-class makers have become more loyal to customers and their fans, especially Samsung. The brand has already had quite a few cool smartphones with such price tags that sometimes it’s hard to believe that these are South Korean gadgets. Today we ...

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Samsung Galaxy A70: all you need to know

May 23, 2019

Samsung continues to delight users with brand-new smartphones with excellent parameters and at an affordable price. Previously, Samsung did not practice this and evaluated its devices very expensive, but the increased competition in the market forced the brand to reconsider its pricing views. The new smartphone Galaxy A70 is another confirmation of the fact that now you can buy Korean devices today without thinking. Cute, advanced, inexpensive - now all these advantages are not only Chinese smar...

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Top 5 Best Full-Screen smartphones

April 16, 2019

Starting from 2017, smartphone manufacturers began to massively get rid of the framework in smartphones. At first they reduced them evenly and then began to completely remove them, leaving peculiar islets for placing cameras and sensors on them. Although for the last two years now everyone has been making smartphones with these notches, many people still prefer devices that have simply thin frames. The cuts in the screens sometimes do not allow to display very important information on the displa...

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Samsung Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30 and A50 - review, specification and key feature

April 10, 2019

Budget smartphones are simply a goldmine for any company. Although every reputable manufacturer wants to show all his best practices implementing them in flagships, it is the budget segment that shows who is who. After all, most of the people cannot afford top devices with a price of about $ 1,000, whole $ 100-300 is the most popular range. Today's article will be devoted to just three such gadgets, Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50, that cost 100+, 200+ and 300+ dollars respectively. Let's ...

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