Samsung's AI chips head to outstrip Huawei & Apple later in the year

January 18, 2018

Samsung is not letting itself get fallen behind in the latest trend of AI-focused chipsets in the mobile world and is working hard on a neutral processing unit (NPU) of its own. Apple and Huawei have already introduced us to their AI chipsets last year, namely the A11 Bionic & Kirin 970. Even though the company only started developing its NPU in the later half of last year, some sources in Korea claim that Samsung has already that caught up with Apple and Huawei in technologies, and will pr...

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CES 2018: Samsung Bixby Learns To Get Your Food's Calories

January 10, 2018

Samsung Bixby virtual assistant has a surprising new feature. It now has the ability to identify your food and give you a calorie count of it. While this feature is not polished enough for a public release, it could do a pretty decent job in telling food apart; not to the extent of identify everything on your dinner plate. You need to point the phone’s camera to each food item to obtain the corresponding calorie counts. Samsung representatives say Bixby uses generic data for food items so the ...

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What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Samsung S9 Series

December 15, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S9 series could only be months away from release. Word has it the upcoming flagships S9 and S9 plus will be officially announced in an event in March 2018 and the unveiling might even take place as early as early January. Sources have cited that it will not be major upgrade. The iris scanning lens would be upgraded from 2MP to 3MP in an endeavor to better identify users’ irises especially under very bright and very dark environments as well as for moving eyes and bespectacle...

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Galaxy Note 8 stock ready at Etoren!

September 14, 2017

We are happy to inform all Note 8 fans that we have received stock in our warehouse! It will be open on our store VERY VERY soon!...

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Samsung Note 8 is official - Here are what you need to know

August 24, 2017

Samsung looks ready to regain top spot in the premium phone segment with the unveiling of its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note8, a renewed Note, succeeding the recalled Note7 (due to battery issues.). The Note8 was unveiled on Wednesday (Aug 23) at a global launch event in New York City.  The Note8 sports the same bezel-less infinity design that made its debut on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones released earlier but the corners appearing more squared off vs S8's more rounded edges. The d...

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