Rumors: Two HTC Nexus Phones are coming this Year

January 27, 2016 Android Google HTC Nexus Rumours

Last year, Google released two Nexus phones. The Nexus 5X made by LG and Huawei-made Nexus 6P. It looks like Google was planning to catch on by releasing a phablet and a more mainstream sized smartphone. It is hoped that the new trend will be repeated in 2016.

New Nexus

What we gathered:

According to a new and unconfirmed source emanating from China, we are likely to see two new Nexuses this year. According to speculation, one will be a 5.5-inch display smartphone while the other will be a 5.0-inch screen. If this were eventually confirmed by Google introducing these two, then that would have been a departure from the regular trend in the mobile world.

If you look at the Apple iPhones and the Samsung smartphones of this world, you will easily discover a trend. Every year, phone screen are getting bigger and bigger. Not getting smaller. Therefore if another Nexus 5X is released as a 5.0 screen, then it means there is a decrease from the screen resolution from what we saw from last year which is a 5.2-inch panel from the 5X and even the 6P had a 5.7” display.

However, we should expect anything to happen. Remember the Motorola Nexus 6 with a 6-inch screen was shrinked in the successor. If that is not shocking enough, you might be surprised to discover that the company Google is hiring HTC for the development of the two new Nexus, a company that has been in bad shape for some months now.

Under the present circumstances that HTC has found itself, it seems Google is coming to its rescue. For many months now, the Taiwanese company has been experiencing decline in its sales figures and it is only to hope that this will be redeeming decision for the company. However, from the look of things, the production of the next two smartphones is not going to do much for the company. It might help it pick more market share, but certainly not going to solve all its problems.

Our take

This is just a rumor. But as someone who loved the HTC One M8 and M7, I am still looking forward to see what the company is going to come up this time around. And for you, don’t expect miracles because there is nothing much to say about the company’s performance in the past.