Propel Star Wars Battling Quadcopter Drone

ブランド: PROPEL

商品コード: E0EMIP8W3G




出荷予定日: Jun 01 - Jun 03

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LED directional lights and working battle cannons let you battle with up to 12 other Star Wars quadcopters at once (each sold separately)

Speeder bike can reach flying speeds up to 35mph and is equipped

Offers 3 speed settings allow anyone from beginner to advanced to pilot the quadcopter

Equipped with an altitude stabilization mode makes piloting easy, T Mode for beginner pilot training, and auto takeoff and landing

Hobby-grade controller that lights up, vibrates, and plays music to enhance your combat experience

Reverse propulsion design can maneuver into sidewinder barrel rolls at the push of a button

Comes with 1 lithium ion battery, 1 rapid battery charger, and spare blades


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