Nikon Z Teleconverter TC-1.4x

ブランド: NIKON

商品コード: E08WA3UBN0







Z Teleconverter TC-1.4xを使用して、一部のNikonZマウントレンズのリーチを拡大します。このテレコンバーターは、画像を1.4倍に拡大し、レンズとカメラ本体の間の完全な通信を維持し、計測、オートフォーカス、振動低減、およびExifデータの送信を可能にします。その光学設計は、1つの非球面要素を組み込んでおり、元のレンズと一致するようにシャープネスと透明度を維持するために、スーパーインテグレーテッドコーティングが施されています。さらに、このテレコンバーターは防塵性と耐水性があり、最も外側の光学面にフッ素コーティングが施されているため、過酷な条件での作業に適しており、クリーニングに役立ちます。


BenjaminVerified Buyer 02 Apr 2022

Excellent lens. The Nikkor Z mount is a breakthrough in mirrorless cameras. I am very happy with my purchase.

JimGVerified Buyer 24 Mar 2022

Well packaged at a good price, given the poor availability of the item. Delivery took around 24 days and the ordering system could be better to provide better detail to customers. But overall a good experience with the option to pay the VAT and Duty up front. Just need to provide more detail on the shipping information so customers don't feel left in the dark.

BenjaminVerified Buyer 23 Mar 2022

Muy buenos precios y excelente servicio. Seguiré comprando en el futuro

Carl GortonVerified Buyer 25 Feb 2022

I ordered the Nikon MB-N11 Battery Grip for the z6ii . I have tried to get this item for over a year but to no relief from every camera shop in the uk. I was very surprised to find this item at Etoren and decided to order, to my surprise I had a great experience with this company, good feedback and excellent tracking for my item. Yes I would recommend this company and for myself had a good experience ????. Thank you Etoren, Carl Gorton

ShahVerified Buyer 17 Feb 2022

Again, excellent service. As described, brand new and arrived within the time stated. Highly recommended!

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