Jabra Elite 75T Gold Beige

ブランド: JABRA

商品コード: E0YYML9BJU










Elite Active 75tは、アクティブなライフスタイルのために特別に設計されています。 IP57の評価により、完全に防水性と防汗性を備えているため、嵐の中を走ったり、ジムで新しい自分のベストを汗を流したりするのを妨げるものは何もありません。


場合によっては、ゾーンにとどまるために少し追加のブーストが必要になります。そのため、私たちの素晴らしいエンジニアは、非常に人気のあるElite Active 75tにアクティブノイズキャンセル(ANC)を追加する方法を見つけました。


カスタマー Q&A

Is this a true product


Posted on Sat May 14, 2022 10:45 AM
Hi There, I am interested in buy the Jabra Elite 75T Gold Beige from your store. I want to know if they are the genuine product. I just bought a pair from another site, to sadly find out they were fake. It turns out the site which I sourced them from was only third party who then purposed them without doing the checks. Some of the clues I noticed that they are fake as as follows: don't have the led dot light at the top, the back light bleeds through the case, the Jabra sign is painted on the front of case rather than embossed. The online manual shows green light, which the one I have doesn't show at all. The start up voice is not ciear its sound like a bad recording. Also a Asian voice is heard when I click on the right hand side button saying "left channel" which is quite strange. Are you able to let me know where you sourced the Jabra Elite 75t Gold Beige stock from? Are they genuine? Are you able to give me some assurance that they are not fake. Apologies for such a message. But just have some confidence before making my purchase. Thanks Vera

Etoren Support Staff

Posted on Mon May 16, 2022 12:11 AM
Hi, all items on our store are 100% brand new and authentic. We are an established retailers and source our stocks from reliable suppliers whom we worked with for many years. we do not have details on fake products as you have described but we can highlight this to our supplier just to make sure the stocks they have. As we source products from different countries, it may be possible that products launched in different regions might have minor physical differences between regions. That said, the difference you highlighted do not sound normal.